independent philosophy, evolved aesthetics & ontological media critique

Dustin’s word, written and spoken, are grounded poetry. The sounds are beautiful themselves but the papier-mâché holding them together is a work of art.

“This swagger is hard to pinpoint.”

Schooled by the history of humanity and its culture, his flavor is influenced by powerful minds from other times and places. He is a philosopher and a theologian. The things he is certain of in the world are uncertainty and the perpetual unfolding of the universal life. We are grounded in the personal dimension where, as observed by Oscar Wilde, “we are never more true to ourselves than when we are inconsistent.” The most traumatic moments in human history are the ones in which the world wakes up and sees the prison of its idols and technologies for what they are.

“The marketing may sicken him, but it’s so damn easy, it basically writes itself.”

In this season of rapid change, Dustin is hopeful that the human spirit is able to withdraw from the apocalyptic scene and recreate, reinvigorate, and reclaim the space of the human spirit hijacked by the imperial and colonial spectacle of late capitalism. Otherwise, we will forever be caught off guard, failing to remember that evolution and her complexity can spiral backwards and downwards or forward and upward. It will hold us together or rip us apart.

“He’s so smart, in fact, that when he says stupid things everyone presumes he’s kidding.”

Dustin renders new worlds that challenge his audience to see the variety of unexplored dimensions that lie in wait beneath our feet and fingertips.

Dustin’s graduate work focused broadly on the intersections of art and spirituality in the post-modern age. Fed up with the possibilities presented by the Academy, he turned to back the aesthetic impulse as a way to find what’s always missing.

“Dustin is cool. I, obviously, am not because I have identified him as such.”

1st/15th is a semi-monthly newsletter that expresses the desire for the political. It features bitesized looks into Dustin’s concerns about the state of things in addition to curated reading and watching recommendations. Subscribe below.

The Terminal Post started after wrestling with the question, “how could one use the internet as the form itself?” It is a digital zine that challenges the reader to reconsider how our human consciousness has been altered by the age of internet-connectivity. But more importantly, it has curated music recommendations.

Dustin is novelizing, so take a peek at 20 Cigarettes. Inspired by his love for a cigarette, the accomplishment of a hard day’s work, and the touch of a fleshless lover.

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I know it means nothing now, here, at the end of the world. But you should know I still love you in the final constellation of things.

Doesn’t it thrill you? The sounds and the smells of it? The chorus of robots at the gas pumps echoing in the vacant air, smoke mixed with the lingering of your match and gasoline.

It’s not as if I set out to write you a digital love letter. I’m doing the only thing I know how.

“That’s deep. Are you always like this?